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Can faculty borrow books from Williams College? Can I send my students to borrow books from Williams?

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MCLA faculty may borrow items from Williams College’s Sawyer and Schow libraries. Just bring your faculty ID with you.

MCLA students who want to borrow materials from Williams must see one of our reference librarians to discuss their research needs and see what materials are available at the Freel Library in their subject area. When the request is approved, the student will be given the relevant paperwork to take with them to borrow the materials from Williams. They cannot check books out of the William's library without this paperwork. The Williams College libraries limit the number of items any student can borrow at one time. Freel Library is held financially responsible if books borrowed by students are not returned to Williams.

Any member of the MCLA community who wishes to access Williams College online library databases must go to the Sawyer or Schow library and use them onsite.